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propulsion method key strategies

The Propulsion Method
New to market geometry? Don’t sweat it! This 3-Part video series is the perfect introduction to smarter trading – no matter your experience.

exponential profit system key strategies

The Exponential Profit System
The Complete guide to trading within market structure for high-profit and high-probability analysis, entries, trade management and exits.

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EPS Trade Forecasts

Richard takes the risk, you can focus on the ROI. Making triple-digit returns is as easy as opening your email and following along.

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MACD Trading Strategy: The MACD Indicator
By Richard Krugel Updated October 28th, 2019 Introduction on How to Use the MACD Indicator Traders rely heavily on indicators to assist them with their technical analysis and…
Breakout Trades and Using Them as Directional Trade Confirmation
Trading a breakout is simply the act of entering a position when price breaks above/below an area of support…

How to Backtest a Trading Strategy the Right Way

Backtesting is simply the process of testing a trading strategy using historical data so that a trader can see whether his/her strategy has a statistical profitable edge.