Richard K.

Head Trader and Market Analyst

“Trading is my passion, and my mission is to help others find the same success in this challenging field.”

I am a full time Forex, Futures, and Options trader and developer of the Exponential Profits System. After a few years of working fast-paced trading floors in Cape Town, I decided it was time to work autonomously and invested heavily in trading full time.

During this period I developed my own trading strategy that fit my personality and time constraints, and by combining several powerful analytical techniques that compliment each other, I established a low-risk/high-yield strategy that has allowed me to scale my accounts up to 420% in a single year.

So what’s the secret? Well, there isn’t one. There’s no “secret” candlestick pattern. There’s no “magic” indicator. There’s just price action.

In any market – regardless of varying models – there is a science to how price moves. I call this “Market Geometry.”

And here’s the thing – when you understand the science of how price moves, you can identify the structure of market movement and begin to trade within the natural flow of market movement – rather than battle the seemingly “chaotic” eruptions of price.

Understanding market geometry was a huge breakthrough for me. It was literally the difference between scraping by and now trading for a living. I developed an entire methodology around it, and it’s even allowed me to double my account balances on a single trade.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give traders the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to trade at the professional level. We work diligently to ensure that all of our traders are able to have access to industry-level information and data, enabling them to decide whether a given position is compatible with their long-term trading objectives.

Trading Strategies for All Skill Levels

The purpose of trading isn’t to be stressed or to be stuck staring at a screen all day—the point of trading is to help people increase their wealth using reliable, tested, and data-driven strategies. Our platform makes it easy for traders of all kinds to outpace the market and still avoid the common stresses of day trading. Our strategies and materials are ideal for those who want to maintain an active trading strategy and make a few trades per week (or per month).

Risk Adjusted Strategies for Success

While trading itself is inherently risky, there are plenty of things that can be done to help mitigate risks and put you in a position to win. We have painstakingly developed a geometric trading strategy that exploits the market’s natural symmetries and enables traders to find appropriate positions. With our platform, there is no need to worry about the fear of missing out because—as sure as the passage of time—we know that the next profitable trade is right around the corner.

Useful Indicators and Professional Insights

Identifying pitchforks, channels, and other geometric patterns can help traders find desirable positions, even when markets as a whole are exhibiting bearish patterns. Our goal is to continue to inform our traders, to provide the best and most useful market information available, and to continue helping traders of all kinds find a trading strategy that works well for them. The trading world is rapidly changing—it remains up to us to take advantage of these changes.