Richard K.

Head Trader and Market Analyst

“Trading is my passion, and my mission is to help others find the same success in this challenging field.”

I am a full time Forex, Futures, and Options trader and developer of the Exponential Profits System. After a few years of working fast-paced trading floors in Cape Town, I decided it was time to work autonomously and invested heavily in trading full time.

During this period I developed my own trading strategy that fit my personality and time constraints, and by combining several powerful analytical techniques that compliment each other, I established a low-risk/high-yield strategy that has allowed me to scale my accounts up to 420% in a single year.

So what’s the secret? Well, there isn’t one. There’s no “secret” candlestick pattern. There’s no “magic” indicator. There’s just price action.

 In any market – regardless of varying models – there is a science to how price moves. I call this “Market Geometry.”

And here’s the thing – when you understand the science of how price moves, you can identify the structure of market movement and begin to trade within the natural flow of market movement – rather than battle the seemingly “chaotic” eruptions of price.

Understanding market geometry was a huge breakthrough for me. It was literally the difference between scraping by and now trading for a living. I developed an entire methodology around it, and it’s even allowed me to double my account balances on a single trade.