The Exponential Profit System
This is a system designed to work with market structure and momentum to give you optimal, high-profit trade entries every day (and even every hour) regardless of what market you trade and whether that market is going up, down or sideways.

And regardless of what’s going on in the news, political spectrum or the federal reserve.

In fact, this system quite literally represents my life’s work. It’s years of losses and heartache and an eventual breakthough distilled into a process that anyway can follow for Exponential Income.

Before we fully dig in…
Let me say hello! 

I’m Richard and I am deeply thankful that you’re here taking advantage of an opportunity to change your life just like I did a few short years ago.

I thought you should know my mission. I want to do 3 things:

1. Trade part time, have fun doing it, and generate the income for my family to live life on our terms.

2. Run a successful online trading education company with a healthy stream of additional income.

3. Help traders who are willing to work and study master the Exponential Profits System
In a nutshell, my Exponential Profits curriculum will do 3 things….
ONE: it will give you a complete education.
It will lay the groundwork for how you understand price action… How you understand trends, reversals, sideways markets, breakouts, fake outs, etc. 

Your entire approach to analyzing the market will now be clear, concise, confident, focused and purposeful.

You will learn the right tools to use and how to use them. You will learn what it really means to predict the market. 

Predicting the market doesn’t mean always knowing what will happen next. It means looking at the information you have on hand and if certain criteria are met, having a high degree of certainty that then other things will occur. 

You will watch in amazement when you say to yourself on Tuesday that “According to my analysis, price should touch this level here and then bounce to this next level here.” and then waking up on Wednesday you see that price has done exactly what you forecasted.

That is the framework, education and expertise I’ll teach you. And seeing it happen is when you’ll begin to get really excited about how much money you can make.

But you still need more than just the foundation and education on market geometry. You need the “How to trade it” stuff.
TWO: It will show you the "How to Trade It" Stuff
This is the nitty gritty. You will get exact entry rules, exit rules, trade management rules, risk management rules and even psychology guidelines for employing this system.

But this is also where it’s important to take a break and explain something…

Exponential Profits is not a strategy, it is a system. And there’s a very important distinction between the two: 

A strategy is one set of criteria for how to make a specific trade within a specific situation.
A system is an approach to trading and understanding the markets whereby you can employ a multitude of strategies within that system.

A strategy can be really valuable and, frankly, as a businessman I might be better off selling individual strategies. 

But the system is what I believe in. It is through the system that you’re able to leverage multiple strategies and techniques for every market condition in every instrument.

And it was understanding the system that gave me the breakthrough that I believe you’re looking for so that’s what I want to offer.

And so it is in this part that the system is broken down into not just one set of entry rules, exit rules, etc.

But you will learn how different conditions set up for different strategies and I will break down the complete rules for every strategy that I use and, all told, you will have access to hundreds of real charting examples so that you can implement each strategy with precision in your own trading.

With this, you will be equipped with an entire arsenal of strategies for every market approach. And, honestly, because you will know the system and not just these strategies you will be able to capitalize on even more opportunities than I have specific strategies for.

Once you understand how to position yourself with the flow of market structure, the techniques you can use to pull profit from that structure are limitless. Knowing the system means you’ll never need another strategy again.
THREE: it will give you access to me, personally
This is potentially the most valuable part of the curriculum.

Not because I am just so wonderful, but now you have access to someone who has used the same system to achieve the exact thing you want to achieve.

Whether you want to clarify something in the course, send me a screenshot of your analysis to double-check, ask me about a specific trade or request an extra article on a specific topic…

I am serious about making this work for you.

My reputation depends on it and I have a stringent guarantee that I have to hold myself accountable to.
I want people to succeed and this is the best way I know how to confidently guarantee that you will.

The 3 parts of 1. System Framework 2. How to Trade It and 3. Access to me, does have a downside to it though…

And the downside is that you don’t have an excuse.

Trading is challenging but I am giving you the identical approach that I use to make a living from it and access to me for any stumbles along the way.

So there is no reason it will not work for you when you utilize. When you jump in, you don’t have any excuses about the course or help along the way. None. Because it’s all there.

It’s a little bit of pressure on you… Or it would be without my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee in place, anyway.
This is an enitre curriculum that teaches you A-Z on trading the Exponential Profits System.
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