Dear trader,

Thank you for your interest in the Exponential Profits System. Since you’re here today, I want to give you an exclusive offer…

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I’m going to show you my complete guide to trading within market structure for high-probability analysis and expert trade management.

This is a system designed to work with market structure and momentum to give you optimal, high-profit setups – regardless of the market you trade or whether that market is going up, down, or sideways…

…and regardless of what’s going on in the news, political spectrum, or the federal reserve.

This system highlights Exponential Profit opportunities that are happening every day “off the radar.”

And these aren’t the types of setups that the big boys on Wall Street can get involved in. They’d have to move billions of dollars and tip off the market before it could materialize…

By the time they did that, we’d already be in and out with triple-digit returns.

These few hours to few days trades are what I call the “retail window.”

They’re the trades that people like you and I can exploit for massive profit potential because we’re not going head to head with Wall Street giants.

It’s where incredibly high-profit opportunities appear over and over again in the natural movement of the market, where their High Frequency robots can’t break the system and the hedge funds and institutions simply can’t move money in and out or take the risk with their multi-billion dollar clients.

This is our game. You just need to learn how to dominate it. My system highlights these trade opportunities every day.

Sometimes they’re as quick as the 135% profit in 45 minutes on GBP/USD currency or GBP futures:

Then there are the ones that happen repeatedly within a cycle, like those who were brave enough to enter Bitcoin for gains of 230%, 450% and 1,370%.


Over 8 years, I have seen every market condition, every trade setup, every exit and re-entry scenario…


It’s allowed me to perfect my craft and my trading system. So what exactly makes this approach work?

Why, specifically, when I was exactly like most of the other retail traders out there… Struggling day in and day out and losing money. Why did it all of a sudden change?

Well, in two words: Market Geometry. Market Geometry is essentially the science of price action. It’s the real nuts and bolts of how markets move and why they move.

It’s not back-tested patterns that tend to repeat. It’s not indicators that display no-longer-valid data. It’s not market specific or instrument specific. It’s not based on current trends or economic criteria.

I am talking about the actual science of price action. In any market, though each has varying models for how orders are filled, etc., there is a science to how price moves.

When you understand that structure, you can begin to trade inside the natural flow of market movements rather than trying to battle the seemingly chaotic eruptions of price.

Capitalizing on this system was the difference between continuing to struggle and lose money or having a life-changing breakthrough.


The real power is the ability to accelerate compounding returns.


The power of Exponential Profits – and the reason for its name – is the ability to turn around winning trades that you can re-invest quickly.

When I got started, I needed to be able to make significant returns with a small account. And I needed to do it quickly.

Using the retail profit window I could put profits back into my account sometimes in just a few hours. That meant my next trade would be bigger with more profit potential.

Everyone knows the power of compounding interest. It’s one of the greatest wealth-building tools on the planet. But there is, arguably, an even more powerful tool.

And that’s the power to accelerate compounding interest. The difference between 10% per year and accelerating that to 10% per month…

This accelerator is the true game-changer for people like me who didn’t already have a 6 or 7 figure account.

This is the Exponential Profits approach. Turning a fraction of the risk, in a tiny fraction of the time… into massive account growth.

Now, of course, you’ll have to throw some losing trades in the mix, and you won’t catch every winner either… I don’t expect you to have triple-digit returns of your entire portfolio every month. But I do expect you to see EXPONENTIAL profit compared to the alternatives.

And I expect you to unlock a tangible way to build your account in the fastest way possible. In fact, I don’t just expect that, I guarantee it.

I’m confident that you can start to trade for a living in a short period of time, even if you don’t have a huge account because that is exactly what I was able to do… And that was without a road map like Exponential Profits, and without someone fully committed to helping me achieve success.


In a nutshell, my Exponential Profits curriculum will do 2 things….


ONE: It will give you a complete education.

It will lay the groundwork for how you understand price action… Your entire approach to analyzing the market will now be clear, concise, confident, focused and purposeful. You will learn the right tools to use and how to use them. You will learn what it really means to predict the market.

TWO: It will show you the “How to Trade It” Stuff

This is the nitty gritty. You will get exact rules for entries, exits, trade management, risk management, and even psychology guidelines for employing this system.


Exponential Profits is a system that’s built on my Propulsion Method.


This is my complete trading system, not just a strategy. And there’s a very important distinction between the two:

A strategy is one set of criteria for how to make a specific trade within a specific situation.
A system is an approach to trading and understanding the markets whereby you can employ a multitude of strategies within that system.

A strategy can be really valuable, but the system is what I believe in. It is through the system that you’re able to leverage multiple strategies and techniques for every market condition in every instrument. The system is not limited to just one set of entry rules, exit rules, etc.

With Exponential Profits, you will be equipped with an entire arsenal for every market approach. And, honestly, because you will know the system and not just the strategy, you will be able to capitalize on even more opportunities than I have specific approaches for.

Once you understand how to position yourself with the flow of market structure, the techniques you can use to pull profit from that structure are limitless. Knowing the system means you’ll never need another strategy again.


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Open enrollment ends June 10th… But I want everyone to have a shot at getting in.

So if you join before enrollments ends on June 10th, I’ll give you instant, lifetime access to the Exponential Profits System for a one-time payment of just $197.


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Trust me, I’m not difficult to work with if you want a refund… I have absolutely no problem giving you your money back because I certainly don’t want to have people in our community who don’t want to be there.

I do, of course, ask that you finish the whole course before making a request because we are talking about my life’s work here.

But if you’re unable to use the system that you’ve learned to find REAL trades, please let me know. First, I will try to help you find those trades. But if you don’t believe you’re able to do it, I’ll give you a full refund and apologize for any inconvenience.


Ready to unlock Exponential Profits?


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“I just wanted to tell you that I could not be more happy with your course. It contains all of the elements needed to be successful as a trader. The best thing that I like about the course is that I can trade it on any timeframe and on any instrument. It is truly Universal.”

Duane M.

EPS Student, Enrolled January 2018


The whole course is great. I love it, you have given me hope again.”

Mario L.

EPS Student, Enrolled August 2018

What You Receive Now:

My Complete Methodology

Beyond the strategy: I leave no stone unturned as we delve into my complete trading system. My goal is to give you the tools and the knowledge necessary to grow your trading account with consistency and precision

Members Only Discussion

You’re never alone on your journey: The EPS Forum is built-in to the course and monitored by myself and my support staff, so support is always a click away.

Bonus Training Modules

Continue learning beyond the core system: New resources and bonus modules are added frequently and are hand-picked from the hottest topics to bolster your trading arsenal.

Quizzes To Reinforce Your Knowledge

Don’t get left behind: Carefully constructed quizzes are placed throughout the course at strategic intervals to reinforce learning and retention. Detailed explanations and examples are provided for every answer.

Progress Reports and Reminders

Learn at your pace, on your schedule: Monitor your progress, get reminders, and identify problem areas for further study.

Recaps of My Actual Trades

See the EPS in action: I break my recent trades down into detailed reports so that you can see my strategy in action and better understand my methodology. I cover every step of the process to provide the greatest insights possible.

Two-Part Guarantee

Part 1: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Part 2: Performance Guaranteed

“The EPS course is one of the best trading systems out there. It’s given me more confidence than before and I know I am starting my 2019 with the required knowledge to trade the markets. It’s a great thing to be a member of EPS. Keep up the good work and effort you put in to this course.”

John S.

EPS Student, Enrolled December 2018

“The outline of the course is great, lots of forecasts to improve the understanding of the system, prompt reply to the questions posted”

Hun T.

EPS Student, Enrolled June 2018

If you have a system that is consistently profitable, it becomes easier to follow it with discipline and patience because you get to trust its capabilities and performance. Exponential Profits will give you that consistency, and ultimately, the confidence to trade successfully in a highly competitive space.

Richard Krugel

Senior Trader & Market Analyst, Price Action & Income








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