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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Can i use the EPS for day trading and positional trading?”
A: Yes, the strategy allows for taking large swings, even if it’s only within a day.

Q: “Can we do Set and Forget type trading through EPS?”
A: We do not recommend you set limit orders and forget about it. You can plan trades in advance and set alarms to alert you that a setup may occur. We strive to take trades with very little risk, which generally requires a trader to be present during a setup.

Q: “What broker should I use?”
A: While we do not recommend specific brokerages, we do suggest that you choose a broker that offers FX, futures and commodity spot markets.

Q: “What trading platform does Richard use?”
A: Richard uses Tradingview, and we recommend that our members use it as well. All of the tools used in the course are readily available in Tradingview.

Q: “I’ve decided to use MetaTrader and they do not provide a 20min chart. Can I substitute the 30min chart for my analysis?”
A: Yes! The 30min chart is an acceptable substitute in this scenario.

Q: “Can i use the EPS in the Indian Stock Market?”
A: Yes, the strategy can be applied to any freely traded market.

Q: “Elliot Wave Theory itself is subjective, do you have mechanical rules of applying it on charts? Is it easy to use on any class of market?”
A: We use market geometry as a means to guide us with some very basic Elliott Wave Theory. It can be applied to any market following a step by step approach.

Q: “I’m using MetaTrader, and I can’t find the Schiff Pitchfork etc.”
A: When using any of the MT platforms you’ll have to manually draw things like the Schiff Pitchfork onto your charts, which is why we recommend that our members use Tradingview.

Q: “I’m having trouble with material in the course, can I call Richard?”
A: While we do facilitate communication between our Richard and our members, we do not offer calls or one-on-one coaching sessions at this time. Simply open a support ticket with [email protected] and our support staff will forward cases to Richard as needed. The Discussion section of this course is also moderated by our support staff, so feel free to drop a question there as well.

Q: “I mostly trade on Nadex, do you think this system would work trading binary contracts?”
A: If your binary account allows for longer term expiries then the system would work. However, we have not designed this course to trade on binaries. Binary options that expire within a few hours or even a day will definitely not work.