Find the Perfect Entry in ANY Market You Trade!

Whether you trade stocks, Forex, or anything that moves… There are 3 simple patterns that highlight price reversals with deadly accuracy…

…And I’m going to show you the best entry points to trade these reversal patterns—no matter which way the market is moving.

Hi trader, it’s Richard Krugel here.

When it comes to trading a new trend, timing is everything.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before…

Traders enter a market thinking they’re about to ride the trend to quick profits, only for price to reverse and wipe out their stop loss in one fell swoop.

(Unfortunately I see it all too often.)

It almost feels like being duped; like the market turns against you with a vengeance or like there’s some greater conspiracy at play…

And sure, when you’re going up against the big timers, like Wall Street hedge funds or even the Big Banks, it can make you feel like a pawn in their larger endgame.

But what if you had a scientific approach for predicting the start of the next trend?

(I’m not talking about an opinion on where price may be headed, I mean a proven analysis technique based on the science of price action, AKA Market Geometry—more on that in a sec.)

And not only that… What if you could pinpoint the exact zone where price is most likely to reverse before the new trend even begins?

Think about it…

You could eliminate the guesswork, the emotions, the bias…

And enter your preferred market at the most opportune time, nearly every time.

No more watching that stop loss get wiped out—even if you nailed the intended direction of the trade and did your homework—just because you entered at the wrong time.


These Entry Points Virtually Eliminate False Signals…

So You Can Maximize Your Profits on Every Trade.


If you’ve ever followed my technical analysis, you saw the perfect example of this type of reversal trade earlier in the week.

Just a few days ago, I spotted some of my favorite reversal patterns (which lay the groundwork for this special training)…

And after qualifying my entry with a few simple Market Geometry techniques, my members and I managed to pull 315 pips out of the EUR/CAD currency pair:

We caught this reversal and price never looked back—until we were already out with profits in hand.

And this isn’t an isolated incident.

These setups are happening all the time.

Just two weeks before that beautiful trade, we grabbed a quick 166 pips out of the AUD/USD pair following the exact same criteria:

Same story:

We rode the trend—and even though there was some slight resistance along the way—price never looked back until we were out of the trade and counting our gains.

The only real difference is that this one played out in a matter of just a few days.

Had you pinpointed these reversals, you could’ve made upwards of $2,000 on these two trades alone—even with a modest account balance.

And look, these types of trades aren’t dependent on market conditions or even the news in most cases.

In fact, these trades happen month after month, year after year…

So you can repeat this process indefinitely.


One Massive Reversal Could’ve Added $6,400+ to Your Account Equity in Just One Month


Case in point?

Here’s a look back at one of my bigger setups from 2018:

By pinpointing the exact area where this price reversal began (and where it was likely to end)…

We rode this massive uptrend in the USD/CAD pair for 542 pips and a quadruple digit ROI that added 64% to my account equity in one trade… (45:1 reward to risk!)

In a $10k account, this trade would’ve netted you $6,400 on $200 risk…

(Or $3,200 in profits on $100 risk in a $5k account, or $1,600 on $50 risk in a $2.5k account and so on…)

I’ve been repeating this process for over a decade now—and as you’ve seen—this entry strategy has never stopped delivering winners.


By Following the Entry Criteria, You Could Even Lose 2 Out of 3 Trades and Still Profit


Now obviously the above example is a best case scenario, and I don’t expect you to find setups like that every week (or even every month)…

And I’m not saying you’ll nail the entry 100% of the time.

But even accounting for losers, the risk tolerance of this strategy means you only have to win 1 out of every 3 trades and STILL be profitable!

(This is where the Market Geometry factors in. It’s is the nuts and bolts of price action; the science of how price moves and why.)

By qualifying the entries with a few Market Geometry techniques after identifying the reversal zone, you can eliminate most bad setups straight away.

But even if you do end up in bad setup…

You’ll have a virtual road map to plot your risk and trail your stop loss—all without any guesswork.

Remember: I’ve been perfecting these techniques for over a decade now, and I ironed out all the kinks a long time ago.

It doesn’t get more accurate than this without a crystal ball.

Granted, nothing in the markets is guaranteed…

But this strategy can stack the odds in your favor in ANY market you trade.

And once you know how to identify these reversal patterns and entry points for yourself…

Well… You’ll wonder why you ever even bothered with anything else.


This 2 Hour Training Could Lead to 2X Profits in as Little as One Month…


In this special 2-hour training class, called Reversal Patterns & Entry Points, you’ll discover a repeatable process that could double your immediate profits in just a month’s worth of trades.

Even taking one of the trades I mentioned above could be enough to push you past the profit threshold.

And since I’m guaranteeing you’ll be able to use this strategy for years to come…

There’s virtually no cap on your profit potential moving forward.

Seriously. Look at this way:

If you can double your profit potential every year for the next five years…

You could end up trading for up to 32 times your current gains by 2025!

Or looking even further down the road…

Up to 1,000X returns by the end of the decade!

(Which sounds like a pretty nice nest egg, right? Maybe even a few lavish vacations and a new car note or two…)

But before we get carried away, let’s look at a more conservative example:

Even if you only 2x every few years… Say every 2-3 years…

Even accounting for losing trades along the way, you could still see anywhere from 12 to 32 times your current profit margins in that same span of time!

Which is impressive—no matter which you you slice it.

By simply following the strategy, this training will lay out the complete blueprint for this type of account growth—and give you an actionable trading plan so you can hit the ground running right away.

Best of all, you’ll even get to see LIVE trade examples of these exact types of price reversals…

And I’ll walk you through every step of the process—including my secret trade management techniques so you can protect your position until the moment you take profit.


Get the first training session for just $14


Are you ready be on the right side of price action, no matter what’s going in the news?

(And no matter what market you’re trading.)

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Send me an email and I’ll refund your investment. I’ll even let you keep the videos as a show of good faith. That’s how confident I am in my strategy.

As someone who makes his living by managing risk on a daily basis, I’m more than willing to take all the risk here. I know the power of these Reversal Patterns & Entry Points–because I’ve seen it–and I know how radically effective it’s been in my own trades.

So that’s my Ironclad, No Holds-Barred Guarantee to each and every trader that invests in my training.

Sounds great, right? Well here’s what you should do next:

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Bonus #1: Get a Downloadable Template of For Qualifying Your Entries

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Before I go, I have to give you a heads up…


Two things:

  • This offer isn’t available to just anyone, and if you close this window it’ll be gone forever.

  • This offer is NOT for lazy traders. We all know the type. And while I’m absolutely 100% confident in my strategy, maintaining steady profits is never “easy” and we can save each other a lot of time if you’re not willing to put in the work.


So with that out of the way… Here’s a quick recap:


📈 You’re getting my first video session for $14, or both video sessions for just $21.

📈 You’re getting lifetime access to my support team.

📈 You’re getting my Ironclad 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


⏳ Special Bonus for the first 100 signups…


Get 3 bonus training modules, all of my lesson slides, and a downloadable cheat sheet to spot these patterns and copy my entry conditions.

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