Accelerate Your ROI with my EPS Shortcut

Dear Trader,

I hope you are taking full advantage of the Exponential Profits System (EPS) curriculum.

Like I often say, there is work and a learning curve involved in mastering this approach. It’s not an overnight trick that allows you to make money without putting in some time and practice.

But because you took me up on my offer, I want to give you an opportunity to maximize the EPS approach to dramatically shorten that learning curve and give you the ability to make significant returns while you are still learning the system.

Five times a week, I publish an in-depth forecast of my exact trading plans. What the market is doing, how I want to trade it, what my entry price range, stop loss range and target range are.

These are my very own trades. The same ones that I’ve been leveraging for almost a decade to hit triple-digit winners more consistently than any method I’ve ever seen or heard of…

Trades like this:

USD/CAD – 61.45% Account Growth


Crude Oil – 26.78% Account Growth


XLK (Technology Sector) – 9.44% Account Growth


Boeing (BA) – 3.99% Account Growth

And the quick, in-and-out setups in between:

📈 GBP/USD +7.39%
📈 Facebook +5.3%
📈 T-Bond Futures +8.99%
📈 Copper +5.09%


Now that you are an official member…

Allow me to share the rest of my story with you.


I deeply appreciate your choice to take action by joining EPS. And I consider you a part of our community and someone who I will be working with to make sure you succeed.

So I want to share the rest of my story with you because I believe that hearing my story it will give you the power to write your own story.

Bear with me because understanding this story has a lot to do with your ability to take this program to the next level and start enjoying trading success in a much shorter period of time…

It will require a few minutes of your time to read through this, but I promise it won’t be wasted time.


I want to help you become the hero of your story…


My story has been a hard road but through overcoming some challenges and probably a little luck, I’ve ended in a really good place, and I want you to avoid the pitfalls I had to go through.

I started trading in 2009 and like so many others I believed that trading was easy and that I was going to make a fortune just by sitting on my butt and clicking a few buttons.

It didn’t help that all the advertising and gurus I came across only reinforced my ideas about trading. They made it sound like it was incredibly easy if I just had their trick or secret strategy.

And I was a sucker if there ever was one…

These guys could care less what the end effect was on people and their families as long as they got an extra few dimes in their pockets.

And frankly, that was part of my problem in falling for it. I often thought “This sounds too good to be true” but my next thought was “But C’mon, they couldn’t just lie and make this stuff up out of the blue, right?” so I would continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Turns out they did make it up out of the blue… With no regard for me or my family… Anything they could say to get a few bucks out of me and put it in their pocket they would say.


Shameful Marketers Almost Destroyed My Life, Now I am Determined to Reverse the Trend and Give People a Real Solution…


I spent thousands of hard-earned dollars on tools and education that just didn’t work. It was all a joke.

That went on for several years. Losses compounded with bad decisions. Over and over.

Fast-forward to 2011, I was working in the concrete industry at the time and attempting to trade on the side…I got hurt quite badly (3 compressed vertebrae) and was put on the sidelines of my real job.

So, now, I needed trading to work more than ever.

Out of desperation, I put even more time and money into learning how to trade and I thought I finally was going to make it as a trader.

But, I kept on losing… My account was dwindling regardless of which method I followed.

And I was bouncing around like a mad man desperate for something to work.

In 2012, I stumbled across a prop firm that would give me lessons and their money to trade.

The idea alone of not having to lose my own money was more than enough to get me on board.

I gladly forked over the initial “program” money so I could get started on the path to their training and funding me with unlimited amounts of capital.

But, yet again, I was duped. Nothing was like it sounded in their pitch and after 6 months I couldn’t afford to wait on their funding as they just kept pulling more money out of me (ironic, since I was supposed to get money from them) so I walked away from that.

I had failed yet again.

I was fed up with failure…

I truly believe most people would have quit, but I held on.

I was quite literally devastated from the trail of failure I had created.

I think most people probably quit after the first few years of failed attempts and massive losses.

But I did have one gift that perhaps not everyone has. Definitely not an innate talent for trading.

But a gift of perseverance. A refusal to give up.

If you’ll bear with me, there’s a part of my story that’s extremely personal that will probably help you understand where this came from.

I tell this part not to pull out some emotional response, but because it is perhaps the most critical part of trading success for myself and anyone else.

Because even though you have a road map that I never did, I can promise you that in your trading (and heck, even in your life) there are going to be times where everything and everyone around you is going to tell you to quit and give up.

And I truly believe that the people who are most successful in life are not necessarily the most talented people, but the ones who simply refuse to give up.


You’ve heard the saying “From bad to worse” right? My low kept getting lower…

I used the last bit of money I had and went on a frantic search to find someone that was willing to show me how to trade futures properly.

It was the only trading vehicle I knew that did not require too much money to generate decent returns but after the first two months nothing I learned worked AGAIN!

What I didn’t realize is that this massive breakthrough that had nothing to do with trading, was coming very soon.

Since I didn’t know that a break was coming all I felt was pain, failure, and heartache. This was causing my family so much stress and I didn’t want that.

I had about 5 years of compounding mistakes, failures.

But, like I said, I did have one talent. The talent for seeing things through.

It was something pounded into me when I was very young in the South African Special Forces.

So I couldn’t let trading beat me.

At this point, which was my financial low, I borrowed money from my dad.

Now, you certainly shouldn’t trade with borrowed money, but I could care less about the “right” thing to do. I was desperate.

Hopefully, you’re not as desperate as I was.


I Finally Had a Breakthrough…

The funny thing about the breakthrough that was about to come my way was that it happened so fast and was so surprising.

After all the years of trying the wrong things taught to me by fake traders, I never even considered that my problem was that I was trying techniques that just plain didn’t work. I thought I tried everything.

I have learned there are lots of gimmicks and some of them might even work for a while… But almost no one is trading the right way. Trading within the market bounds.

The reason I am sharing all of this is so that you can learn from my mistakes.

But I hope that I can be the breakthrough for you that happened for me.


One very small, simple thing changed my life dramatically forever…

I met one honest trader.

That was it. A successful trader who was willing to tell me the truth.

He made it very clear to me that I didn’t know nearly enough about how markets really work to make it as a trader.

He started teaching me the “good stuff” and it blew me away. He didn’t really have any “tricks” to being successful. He just understood the markets for what they really are and traded them accordingly.

While learning from him was still not an easy road, I did have little victories. That was enough for me to keep going.

And, over time, I started to get things right.

Eventually, almost without realizing it, my account had started growing.

And then it started growing pretty fast…

All of the sudden, I was living the trader lifestyle… And I loved it.

Once my account began to grow pretty rapidly, I got excited. I probably got a little too excited on occasion which led to some impatience and a few big losses…

But overall, I was winning. For the first time, I was pulling money OUT of my account.

Soon, I had enough money to pay people back. And after that, enough money to do some things I wanted to do.

When I had “extra” money, that was a light bulb moment for me. It wasn’t millions of dollars, but it was more money than I needed.

And that’s the trader lifestyle: Working when I wanted and where I wanted and having more money than I needed.

I moved my family to the place I always wanted to live and rented an office to be my trading headquarters (something I highly recommend if you start trading for a living as it becomes a key for focus and consistency).

Now, to be honest, for a while I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. For my process to just stop working one day… But I realized that that will never happen. Because the way I trade is a part of the market.

I am not using backtests or tricks to trade. I am using the market structure and when market structure changes, the EPS approach simply changes with it.

Now, I have been trading for a living for years. I have confidence in this system because that’s what feeds my family and pays for our lifestyle.

And I wanted you to hear my story because I believe that regardless of where you’ve come from, you can accomplish the very same thing as I have.

My hope is that I can help you have the lifestyle and freedom you want without going through the pain and learning curve that I have.

TIME is the most precious resource we have. I can’t tell you where I would be, the difference in my life and the impact I could have on others if I started seeing success 5 years earlier, 10 years earlier, 15 years earlier…

Every year would be an exponential increase in the fruit of my life.

And that’s why I want to help you shortcut it by using my entries even before you master the EPS method.

Trades that actually make a difference in your life like this one:


All you would’ve had to do was open your email to get that trade.


I want you to write your success story.

The EPS Trade Forecasts can help you do it…

I know how hard it is to trade successfully…

I am sure you can relate… It’s really hard.

And you may not have the spare decade to go through what I went through to achieve success and get to the end of the road.

So I want to hand that success to you… right now.

In as little as 15 minutes per day, you could make $10K+…

I am not trying to over-hype the benefit of getting these forecasts…

I just want you to understand the impact of these trades.

That is not to say that every day will have monster winning trades…

But just by tuning in and following the forecast, you’ll have an opportunity to hit huge profit potential trades over and over again without having to find them in the first place.

You’ll just need to follow the instructions.

Get paid just for checking your email

The best part of the EPS method is your ability to scale.

That is how I went from a small amount of money I scraped together to being able to trade for a living in less than a year.

Meanwhile, getting that amount to turn into something significant with “Buy and Hold” would take 50+ years…

When you follow these trades and pour your profits back into your account, you can quickly scale up by trading larger volumes and increasing your profit potential…

You can keep your risk small on every trade, but as you continue to build your account, you can make an unlimited paycheck from the market without ever risking a substantial portion of your account.

Almost no traders ever achieve scalable profits. Because most methods aren’t consistent enough to do so…

Or, even if they do have a good system, they aren’t consistently finding high-profit trades.

Not to brag, but I am an expert at finding those kinds of trades.

And I would like to share them with you…

Let me show you exactly how fast this can grow your account…

Let’s look at 12 total trades in a given month (we typically average 15-20 per month)…

Above is a conservative example of the EPS Trade Forecasts…

In this case, we lost 8 out of 12 trades and our winners weren’t as big, on average, as we target.

Yet, the small risk of just $500 generated a net profit of $4,250 over those 12 trades…

Enough profit to generate a side income of over $50,000 per year with a $500 risk standard… even when winning only 33% of the time!


The REAL Power is Being Able to Compound those Returns…

Now, it would probably be worth it for you just to make a side income of over $50,000…

But that is not really the power of the EPS method. The REAL POWER is being able to compound your gains month over month….

When you take just a portion of your net profit and increase your volume, the net results are MASSIVE

Imagine, just adjusting your risk from $500 to $1,000 leveraging some of the gains you made in the prior month…

Now your profit is $8,500

And the next month, you can afford to risk $2,500…

Now your profit is $21,250

Taking a portion of that profit, you can risk $7,500 on your next trades…

Now your profit is $63,750

And perhaps you max out your risk around $12,000 per trade…

Now your profit is $102,000

And THAT is how you become a 6 figure trader…

By leveraging a system that really works and pouring your profits back into the account like gasoline on fire.

And that is exactly what I want to show you how to do with my EPS Trade Forecasts.


Making triple-digit returns is as easy as opening your email and following along.

Now, certainly, not every month is going to be the same Win/Loss ratio with the same amount of trades and the same ROI…

But the potential to make extremely high-profit trades that grow your account quickly is yours for the taking.

We trade in every market because we don’t want to limit our profit potential.

Whether you want to trade across the board with us, or simply focus on the market(s) you like best, there’s plenty of opportunities to go around.

Many times we will highlight a stock trade that also fits for an options trade. Or, a currency future that can easily be traded with a Forex account.

In fact, just the other day, I issued a Euros Future trade idea and within a few hours (!!) a student named Casey emailed me that he traded it in his Forex account and made the quickest $850 profit of his life.

It’s making your profit potential that simple that I am trying to achieve with my forecasts…

I know for certain you can be successful without me. But I want to set you up to start making money right away and these trader forecasts are, by far, the easiest way to do that for you…

price action

You get access to my exclusive trade setups in which I highlight 3-6 traders per week…
Every trade I highlight will have the potential to generate at least a 150% ROI on your risk…
Like this 730% trade from this week:


I publish a detailed trade forecast FIVE times every single week so that you not only get up-to-date forecasts on my personal trades, but I also update recent trades so that everyone is on the same page…

And, remember, you also have access to me so that you can message me anytime and make sure you’re following the trade forecast just like I am…

I do NOT publish a forecast unless I want to take the trade personally in my own account.

Any questions you have will receive my full attention to make sure you are completely understanding how to take the signals and full advantage of the EPS Trade Forecast.

My Offer is Not Fancy…

I do not have fancy names or gadgets with this offer…

I don’t have any bonus reports or tricks either…

All I have is a streamlined approach to maximizing your profit potential.

And a promise to give you every opportunity I can find to make as much money as possible.

My Offer to Help you Earn a 6-Figure Trading Income in as Little Time as Possible…

As I’ve said…

My goal is to help you achieve exactly what I did. That’s what makes me so confident in what I am offering – I know it works because it’s how I make a living.

But I want to help you do it a lot more quickly than I did…

If you could start building your income now instead of later, imagine what you could do with your time.

You could just pack up and travel around the world anytime anywhere, impact family and friends… You could have an impact beyond yourself.

What do you plan to spend the money on?

Now I know this question sounds “salesy” but I am actually quite serious…

Part of success is knowing how to handle the income once you generate it.

A lot of people who find success, don’t know what to do with it and end up sabotaging it.

It is a fact that most lottery winners are completely broke within one year after their earnings. Just like Lara and Roger Griffiths who ended up penniless and bankrupt just a few short years after winning millions.

To me, one of the worst things that could happen is that you find success but it is short lived.

So if you decide to join me for this, don’t make it just about the trading. Think of it as a life shift and make sure you have a plan for how you are going to treat your funds, how you’re going to handle income from your account, how much you will leave in your account vs how much to take out, etc.

If you aren’t thinking about the long term plan, you are probably not taking this seriously enough…

I want you to take it extremely seriously because, that way, I know you will be a success story. And I’ve tried to make it as easy to “take the plunge with me” as possible…

Start Receiving the EPS Trade Forecasts Now…

When you take advantage of this “shortcut” to profitable trading, you’ll begin receiving my five forecasts right away…

You will even see the archive of my past trade calls (some of which you can actually still get in right now) so you can see how it works and what the track record has been.

And starting now…

You’ll get an entire breakdown of exactly how I plan each trade. What I want to see before entry, where my ideal entry is, exit areas, charting examples, etc.

I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to “steal” my best trades.

Best of all, I will give you updates on the trades as they progress and I am available for any follow-up questions, details or additional ideas on the forecast. I really go all in to make sure this works for you.

I am going to take all the risk… You can focus on the ROI…

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I have been scammed…

It was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me so I am sensitive to people being worried about getting taken advantage of…

And that is why I try to go over the top on my guarantee to anyone who gives Exponential Profits a chance.

I want to make it easy for you to not worry and start getting trades right away…

So here is what I am going to do…

My Triple Guarantee…

  • You’ll see triple-digit trade forecasts consistently or get a full refund
  • Win multiple 200%, 500% and even 1,000% winners or get a full refund
  • My team and I will help you take advantage of the trades or get a full refund

There are enough problems in life to deal with and having to worry about getting your money back is not one I want you to deal with…

Besides, I’m not too worried about people requesting a refund because I know what your results are going to look like once you start taking the trades.

But there is one catch…

This elite community will only be available for 50 Traders

I am a pretty small operation…

So everything I do has to be limited if I am going to actually be involved and help people.

Plus, to be honest, I don’t want a ton of people taking these trades. It shouldn’t really have an effect, but if it is a lower liquidity market and I had tons of people following a forecast, things could start to get messy…

Just not something I even want to think about.

So it’s limited to 50 members… At least until the end of 2019 (we’ll see what happens after that).

For those 50 traders, I will help you create an unlimited paycheck from the market.

And provide you every trade that I know is capable of producing multiple thousands of dollars every week.

The EPS Trade Forecast is Available at $497 Per Month…

If you start with a $500 risk (or even less) every single trade has the profit potential to pay for your entire month of access in one trade…

So I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Especially because my hope is that a few months into these trade forecasts, you are making a $2,000 and $3,500 and even $7,500 profits in any given week.

Discount to Maximize Your Profits…

While I think the $497 per month is fair, I understand that some people are starting smaller than others.

And I don’t want to cut into your profits and ability to scale by pulling a chunk of profit out every month.

So I’ve come up with a better idea…

For the first 50 students, I will treat it like a “trial run” and, that way, I will know exactly what your results are…

This will give me a basis for when I re-open it in the future.

If the average trader from the first 50 is making $3,500 a month in profits from the EPS Trade Forecast, I know that I can charge $497 per month without handicapping anyone’s account growth.

But, for now, I want to eliminate that issue altogether.

Instead of creating a potential issue of pulling profits away from students, I’ve decided to give an entire year of forecasts away at a ridiculously low amount.

It’s my way of making sure everyone has a positive experience with the EPS Trade Forecasts and I can grow the community later on.

That’s 261 detailed reports from me in 2019 alone, by the way.

Each report takes me about half my day to write and each one contains multiple 5-figure trading opportunities.

I like to explain it this way…

If you took a look at all 261 reports from a given year… and you take advantage of only 50% of the trades with a reasonable risk amount on each… You’d make about $500,000 USD from those reports.

And that’s why my initial plan was to charge a lot more. I see the value of these trades over and over because I am using them to make my income.

But, like I said, I want to treat the first 50 as a trial run…

So much so that I’ve come up with a price that is less than 4 dollars per EPS Trade Forecast.

It actually accounts to about one dollar per hour of my time…

But it’s the best way for me to assure that everyone has a ridiculously profitable outcome from becoming a member of the EPS Trade Forecast.

And to make sure they get enough time from me personally.

So for the entire year of access, all 261 EPS Trade Forecast reports, all $500K+ in profit potential, the first 50 traders can get for just $997 – that covers their full first year.

But I am serious about the 50 member limit…

The first 50 can join right now and get the entire year of EPS Trade Forecast Reports for $997… and you can treat it as a test run. Ask for your money back in the first 60 days for any reason and we’ll gladly send you every penny back.

But once the trial period for my first 50 followers is over, this offer will be completely different.

I hope, if you’re reading this, you’ll take advantage of it while you can. A chance to change your life and have the impact you want in the shortest time possible.

Click below to start receiving the EPS Trade Forecasts right away.


Spots Filled

Recap of What You Get

✔ Five weekly Forecast Reports covering my exact plans for each setup with entry target, exit targets, and management plans.

✔ Timely updates and management of open trades, plus updates on current events and relevant economic news.

✔ Private Telegram channel for entry alerts AND personal dashboard on my website with members-only discussion.

✔ You get 261 EPS Forecast Reports, each with the potential to make you thousands of dollars in net profit.

You already took the first step…

Now take the last step to accelerate your income starting right now.


NOT for you if:


⇏You are seeking a “get rich quick” product. If that’s what you’re looking for, then quite frankly, you should stop reading and quit trading altogether.

⇏You’re not ready to put some time into making trading work for real.

My Signals Are perfect for you if:


⇒You want a solution that delivers real results every day, every week, every month

⇒You want to take advantage of accelerated growth

⇒You desire to learn from a real trader, not a marketing guru

⇒You want to trade “intermediate” market opportunities from a few hours to a few days in any and every market

⇒You want to write your own success story and live life on your terms starting now

An Inside Look at What to Expect…

→ Personal Dashboard On My Website

→ 5 Weekly Forecast Reports (Mon – Fri)

→ Entries, Exits, & Trade Management

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My Forecast Performance in 2018

Note: Profits, losses, and rolling returns reflect an initial account balance of $10,000. In accordance with my strategy, no more than 2% of total equity was risked on any of these trades.

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Richard Krugel, Senior Trader

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